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  • Fool’s Theory’s Thief-Inspired Isometric Stealth RPG Looks Sneaky Good

    Remember Seven? It’s been a while since the game was first announced last summer, but it’s finally back in the headlines this week at PAX East, and with a new subtitle, to boot. (Though there’s still nothing specific yet for release timing.) Behold Seven: The […]

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  • Review: Adr1ft

    Space has never looked so beautiful and so real and so lonesome in a video game before. Adr1ft claims that honor as triumphantly as Neil Armstrong must’ve felt walking on the moon for the first time. Seriously, this is one of the most visually astonishing […]

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  • Former Witcher 3 Devs Making a “Beyond Post-Apocalyptic” Isometric RPG Inspired by Thief

    Fool’s Theory, a new indie studio founded by a core team of former The Witcher 3 developers from CD Projekt RED, has teamed up with the Kholat creators and publishers at IMGN.PRO to begin development on a brand new project titled simply Seven. (Not to […]

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  • Life is Strange, Remember Me Devs Are Making an Unreal Engine 4 Vampire RPG

    Focus Home Interactive continues to build up an intriguing roster of original role-playing IPs. In the wake of announcing a partnership with Lords of the Fallen studio Deck13 Interactive to make an unnamed dystopian sci-fi RPG, Focus Home has announced more details about its alliance […]

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  • Updated Look at Three Upcoming Games Workshop Adaptations

    Video game adaptations of Games Workshop’s myriad tabletop games are everywhere right now, with three more on tap for later this year and beyond. Let’s take a quick look at how they’re coming along! There’s Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, a PC real-time space fleet strategy game […]

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  • Adr1ft Might as Well Be Titled Gravity: The Video Game

    And there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that. Gravity was an entertaining, visually spectacular movie, and the concept of playing as a lone survivor floating adrift in space makes for what appears will be a deeply immersive “first-person experience” video game powered by Unreal […]

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  • Unreal Engine 4 Fishing Simulation Hooks a PC Release Late This Year

    Unreal Engine 4 Fishing Simulation Hooks a PC Release Late This Year

    Dovetail Games has revealed that it’s developing the lazily titled Dovetail Games Fishing for a PC launch in late 2014. Additional platforms will follow sometime thereafter. Dovetail Games Fishing, from the conductors of the Train Simulator franchise, will harness the power of Unreal Engine 4 […]

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  • Daylight Breaks Next Year on PC and PS4

    Daylight Breaks Next Year on PC and PS4

    Not to be confused with Techland’s parkour zombie survival game, Dying Light, or an old disaster flick of the same name in which Sylvester Stallone heroically rescues people buried under a collapsed highway tunnel as only Sly can, Daylight is a first-person psychological thriller indie […]

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  • Heavy Gear Assault Needs an $800K Kickstart

    Heavy Gear Assault Needs an $800K Kickstart

    Another Kickstarter project needs some indie love and attention today. After already raising over $100,000 through its own website, Stompy Bot’s turning to Kickstarter to raise the additional $800,000 needed to make Heavy Gear Assault the best damn Unreal Engine 4 e-sports online mecha arena […]

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  • Another Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo, This One Running on PS4

    Another Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo, This One Running on PS4

    Epic Games has another Unreal Engine 4 tech demo to show off this week. The Infiltrator demo was for PC, but this next one, Elemental, is running in real time on PlayStation 4. The demo shows an evil lord Sauron lookalike reawakening from his fortress […]

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