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  • Banner Saga 3 Marches Onto Kickstarter

    Five years since successfully crowdfunding the original Banner Saga, Stoic Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the third and final chapter in the epic turn-based strategy role-playing saga about Vikings, managing an army through brutal conditions, and making hard choices with lasting consequences. […]

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  • Review: Guild of Dungeoneering

    Drawn in an understated yet arresting pencil sketch style, Guild of Dungeoneering is now officially recruiting chumps brave adventurers for a devilishly charming fantasy adventure that’s equal parts roguelike dungeon crawl, turn-based card-battler, and digital single-player board game. Topping everything off, is a fun sense […]

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  • Join the Guild of Dungeoneering in July

    As of today, card-based, dungeon-building RPG Guild of Dungeoneering, from Irish indie studio Gambrinous and indie publisher Versus Evil, has a confirmed launch date of July 14th, and a price point of $14.99. PC/Mac gamers eager to become Dungeoneers can sign up for early guild […]

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  • Enjoy a Brief Teaser for The Banner Saga 2

    Likely to receive a full reveal in a few weeks at E3 2015, The Banner Saga 2 has emerged today in a sneak peek teaser trailer titled “Into the Abyss.” It’s only 20 seconds long, but that’s enough to get this fan of the original […]

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  • PAX South 2015 Day 3 Impressions

    The final day of PAX South has come to a close and it has definitely been an adventure. I’ve met some great new gaming friends and played a lot of games. Today I want to cover a few more gems that will be a blast […]

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  • Versus Evil Now Recruiting for the Guild of Dungeoneering

    Versus Evil, the independent publisher best known for working with Stoic to release the excellent first chapter in The Banner Saga, has partnered up with one-man Irish indie shop Gambrinous to bring Guild of Dungeoneering to PC, Mac, and tablets this year. The game has […]

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  • Discussion Review: The Banner Saga

    Discussion Review: The Banner Saga

    Review written by Matt Litten & Stephen Byers. Stephen: Powered by Kickstarter, The Banner Saga is a new role playing game with gorgeous hand drawn animations and an interesting take on tactical combat. What is not made clear and needs to be said at the […]

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  • Gather ‘Round for a Breathtaking Banner Saga Medley

    Gather ‘Round for a Breathtaking Banner Saga Medley

    Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than The Banner Saga‘s artwork is the game’s original score, composed by Austin Wintory. Two of the other standout musical talents behind the soundtrack are violinist Taylor Davis and singer Malukah, their respective instrumental and vocal performances bringing such […]

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  • The Banner Saga Has Begun

    The Banner Saga Has Begun

    The Banner Saga, the epic Viking RPG from the three-man indie team at Stoic Studio, is officially out today on Steam (and other digital download sites) after a Kickstarter campaign successfully crowd funded the project with more than $700k. I got started on an early […]

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  • A Rough But Oh So Beautiful Guide to Travel in The Banner Saga

    A Rough But Oh So Beautiful Guide to Travel in The Banner Saga

    Kickstarter funded indie strategy-RPG The Banner Saga has been traveling a very long road toward completion, a journey that will finally come to an end when the PC/Mac game with the prettiest beards and banners launches on January 14, 2014. Appropriately, travel is a huge […]

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