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  • Review: WET

    Review: WET

    Throughout its many years, Bethesda Softworks has become known for its award-winning RPGs, and in large part that’s the genre gamers expect from the makers of The Elder Scrolls franchise. But it’s always a pleasant surprise to see the Maryland-based publisher and developer go in […]

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  • PS3, Xbox 360 Get WET September 15th

    PS3, Xbox 360 Get WET September 15th

    Are you WET? No, you couldn’t possibly be, because you see WET isn’t out yet. But… A2M’s stylish PS3 and Xbox 360 shooter will be shipping on September 15th, Bethesda Softworks confirmed today. Then you’ll be able to use your console of choice to play […]

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  • Bethesda’s Busy Monday

    Bethesda’s Busy Monday

    Three big announcements from Bethesda Softworks to tell you about today, and none of them have anything to do with Fallout. First up, award-winning actor Mickey Rourke has signed on to voice Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko’s character in the upcoming military shooter Rogue Warrior, due […]

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