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  • Summer Book Club Review: Fable: Blood of Heroes

    Welcome to VGBlogger’s Summer Book Club! All summer long, we will be providing weekly book reviews across a wide range of geek favorite categories, including art, comics/graphic novels, fantasy, gaming, and sci-fi. So whether you’re heading out for a road trip, going on vacation, lounging […]

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  • Review: Marvel’s Venom Pinball

    Spider-Man took the spotlight in the initial Marvel Pinball pack, and now, over four years later, Zen Studios finally brings the series full circle with a table dedicated to Spidey’s archenemy, Venom. Although Venom gets top billing in the latest addition to the Marvel Pinball […]

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  • Review: Pinball FX2 Iron & Steel Pack

    What with all the time Zen Studios has been spending grafting Marvel superheroes, Jedi Knights and other key pop-cult licenses (South Park, Walking Dead, etc.) onto signature video pinball tables, it’s been easy to lose sight of the fact that the studio hasn’t created an […]

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  • Zen’s Next Pinball Pack is a Little Bit Fantasy, a Little Bit Wild West

    Instead of licensed properties, Zen Studios is putting together a pair of original table themes for the next Zen Pinball 2 / Pinball FX2 update, the Iron & Steel Pack. The Iron & Steel Pack will contain two tables, including a CastleStorm theme based on […]

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  • Fable Legends Announced for Windows 10 PC, Multiplayer Beta Signups Underway

    Lionhead’s 4-vs-1 multiplayer spin on the Fable series, previously announced only for Xbox One, is now also coming to PC as a Windows 10 exclusive. (No, the game will not work on any previous version of Windows.) This is all part of Microsoft’s new initiative […]

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  • Windows 10 to Support Xbox One Game Streaming and Cross-Device Multiplayer

    Microsoft hasn’t embraced PC gaming in quite a while, but today the maker of Windows and Xbox took some baby steps in the right direction. When Windows 10 launches, it’ll feature a built-in Xbox app to unify gaming experiences across Xbox One and PCs and […]

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  • Watch Out Spidey, Venom Pinball is Coming!

    Watch Out Spidey, Venom Pinball is Coming!

    Yup. It’s back to the Marvel universe again for the next pinball table from Zen Studios, following a break on other licenses that recently brought us the wonderful tables set in South Park and The Walking Dead. Spider-Man’s already got his own table, so now […]

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  • Review: South Park Pinball

    Review: South Park Pinball

    Any time Zen Studios announces a new pinball table, I find myself giddy with anticipation. Usually Zen teases a table months in advance. This time around, when the South Park tables were announced on the first of the month, there was almost no time for […]

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  • Super-Sweet South Park Pinball Action Flips Your Way This Week

    Super-Sweet South Park Pinball Action Flips Your Way This Week

    Zen’s two-table South Park Pinball pack rolls out across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam, Mac, iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms beginning tomorrow. The multi-platform release schedule goes a little something like this: Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS4 & […]

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  • Zen Studios Kills Kenny in Teaser Art for South Park Pinball

    Zen Studios Kills Kenny in Teaser Art for South Park Pinball

    They’ve done Star Wars and Marvel and The Walking Dead and Plants vs. Zombies and too many other tables to name. So what’s next for the studio that has built an indie empire out of licensed pinball tables? A trip to South Park, that’s what! […]

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