Tekken Heading for PS3s via the Intertubes

Tekken_5.jpgFinally, it looks like some brand new, high-quality content will be heading to the PlayStation 3’s download service in the near future. Aeropause is reporting that Namco’s Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection will be making its way from the arcades straight to your console’s hard drive. Since the arcade title was originally built on the PS2’s engine, this download business makes the most sense as it really is only a port of last-gen title. Don’t expect it to be free, but it should cost much less than if Namco simply ported the game to the PS3 and sold it in retail outlets.

You’re probably aware that Dark Resurrection made a previous appearance on the PSP earlier this year and actually looked good. Hopefully the ease of downloading this title will bring in a whole new generation of Tekken fans who can breath a little life into the aging community.

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