Tex Murphy’s Return Pushed Back Two Weeks


I hate to burst your bubble if you were on pins and needles with anticipation for tomorrow’s scheduled release of Tesla Effect, but on the eve of the game’s launch Atlus has announced that the next Tex Murphy adventure has been delayed. Of course, if you follow Big Finish Games on Facebook you will be a little less surprised as the developer first confirmed the postponement late last week. This video showing a tour of the Big Finish studio, as well as a message about the delay from Tex himself is just in today:

So there you have it. Instead of hitting Steam and GOG.com on April 22nd as originally planned, Tesla Effect will now launch on May 7th. You can wait another two weeks, can’t you? At least now you have a bit more time to take advantage of the pre-order opportunities.

Finally, new character profiles have also been released today, introducing some of the oddball people Tex will encounter on his greatest adventure yet. Take a moment to say hello to the cast.

Tex’s self-proclaimed number one fan! However, once he’s on the case, his more duplicitous personality surfaces. Is Mojo only in this only for himself? And the freebies?


Dr. Donahue
Pretty sure she’s never heard the phrase “do no harm”…the matter-of-fact doctor shows little interest in Tex’s well being. Will her bedside manner be the death of Tex?


LT. Danwicz
The new lieutenant of New San Francisco Police Department, Lt. Danwicz has had his eye on Tex for a very long time. Will he finally get to arrest the notorious vigilante Tex Murphy?


Rook Garner
Rook is the crusty owner of the local Pawn Shop with a mean streak longer than his lifeline. But is that hard shell he shows to the world hiding a heart of gold? If it was, he would cut it out himself with a rusty soup can lid and sell it to the highest bidder.


Proprietor of the Brew of Stew Restaurant, Louie has a heart bigger than his waistline.


Mason Bauers
Brilliant scientist who sold his soul to the devil and got a pretty lousy return rate on it. He’s been paying for his mistake ever since. Will he ever find redemption?


Front man for a mob money-laundering business who has now realized his time is running out. All sales are final with Zack.


This reasonably priced escort seems to know all of the city’s secrets. She might be willing to share, but it’ll cost you.


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