The Club: Character Profile – Seager

Closing out Sega’s initial salvo of The Club background details, here we have a character profile on Seager — one of eight “gladiatorial misfits” you’ll have the choice to play as in the game — complete with 15 screenshots of the man himself in action.

Character Profile – Seager:

In his early 20s, Seager is a handsome, athletic, and confident rich kid who likes nothing more than living life on the edge. A complete thrill-seeker, you name it, Seager’s tried it; extreme sports, illegal street racing, Russian roulette, bare-knuckle boxing and more, he’s always pushed himself to the edge, looking for the next high, and the latest and most extreme test of his abilities.

Then he heard about The Club. After hearing rumours of this secretive, elite and dangerous club, Seager spent months and a small fortune following its trail, before he eventually found what he was looking for.

However, The Club weren’t going to just welcome a new comer such as Seager with open arms. This isn’t a club where you just walk in off the street and instantly become a member. Oh no, Seager was beaten to the brink of death and only at this point did The Club enforcers ask him, “What is it you want?” With his last bit of energy Seager broke free, pulled a gun from nowhere and shot his captures dead, before levelling the weapon at The Club’s money man. Grinning through bloody teeth he calmly reached for his pocket and pulled out a cash-stuffed envelope, throwing it down in front of the money men’s agent. “I want to play.”

Seager had found what he’s looking for – the ultimate high – had The Club found its ultimate contender? Only time will tell.

Seager 1.jpg Seager 10.jpg Seager 11.jpg Seager 12.jpg Seager 13.jpg Seager 14.jpg Seager 15.jpg Seager 2.jpg Seager 3.jpg Seager 4.jpg Seager 5.jpg Seager 6.jpg Seager 7.jpg Seager 8.jpg Seager 9.jpg

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