The Club Character Profile Trailers: Killen and Nemo

The last of the character profiles for The Club have now arrived, this final twosome introducing Killen and Nemo. In case you missed them, go back and check out the profiles for Adjo and Finn, Dragov and Renwick, and Kuro and Seager.

Killen Character Bio:
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Tough, grizzled, middle-aged, with a real down and dirty outlaw look about him, Killen is an Australian and The Club’s favourite son. One of the game’s rare survivors and the holder of the competition’s highest kill score, he’s no less than a legend in the secret world of The Club and now the money men want him back. Fully aware of this, Killen has been on the run for years, moving from continent to continent, changing from one identity to another, running with other outlaw groups and existing below the radar of the police and government authorities that The Club use to track and control their targets.

However, The Club have many more contacts than Killen reasoned with and they finally caught up with him. It only took one whispered word to bring the most fearsome killer in the history of The Club to heel; ‘Rebecca’. Rebecca is Killen’s daughter, fathered years ago, and, even though he hasn’t seen her since she was a baby, just about the only worthwhile thing left in his life. He thought she was safe; he thought no-one other than him knew about her. He was wrong. The Club know everything. For her sake, Killen is forced to go back and play the ultimate game again, but can anyone survive The Club a second time?

Nemo Character Bio:
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Nemo is damaged goods. His mind has gone, leaving only the urge and need to kill. Kept like a masked pet in confinement by The Club, his identity is a mystery to all. Within The Club there seems to be a great deal of controversy about what to actually do with Nemo. Although, just about everything about Nemo remains a mystery, he seems to hold a great deal of significance to the inner circle of The Club, representing some kind of dirty secret they don’t want anyone to know about. There are those within that circle who think that Nemo should be quietly disposed of, but, in true style of The Club, it is decided that this would be a waste and that the issue should be decided in the tournament arenas.

What is the secret the inner circle so dearly want to keep? Only by unlocking and finishing The Club with Nemo will players find out.

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