The Club Character Profiles: Adjo and Finn

Adjo (“The Giant”) Character Bio:

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His name means ‘to be righteous’ in Yoruba. A giant of a man, from Nigeria, similar in type to ‘Mr Echo’ from Lost. There’s more than a suspicion of a history of violence in past – no-one The Club recruits or pressgangs is a stranger to the means of causing violent death – but, whatever he’s been responsible for in the past, Adjo is now trying to redeem himself. Adjo protects the community that have taken him in, defending them from bandit gangs, corrupt police and government officials and unscrupulous foreign investors out to exploit them or cheat them of their land. Adjo eventually became such a costly irritant to one of these foreign investors – a multinational oil company trying to illegally built a polluting pipeline across the community’s land – that a group of reliable contract killers were hired to discreetly take care of Adjo.

It was when Adjo single-handedly killed every one of them that his hidden talents came to the attention of the Club members on the company’s board of directors. What had the company’s problem would soon become The Club’s gain. Adjo was kidnapped by Club agents – not without some cost to the agents – and given a stark choice. Take part in the Club tournament, or he wouldn’t believe the miseries The Club could inflict on the community he protects. Always the strong silent type, Adjo has no choice but to go along with The Club’s plan, but may have decided on a having a reckoning of his own with the evil men behind The Club, should he make it to the end of the tournament.

Finn Character Bio:

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In his early to mid-thirties, Finn hails from the American South. As a professional high-stakes gambler who rides his luck a lot harder than is good or safe for him, he finds himself drifting from city to city and country to country. Always chasing the next big game, always managing to stay one step ahead of the law, always leaving behind a trail of bad debts and broken promises, it wasn’t until Las Vegas that his past – and the Mob – caught up with him. He owes the Mob a cool half-million. If he can’t pay in cash, then they’ll take what they’re owed in body parts. It looks like Finn’s luck has finally run out. Or has it? There’s another way out, a figure within his Mob captors tells him. Something called ‘The Club’. A game, played for the highest stakes there are; if he wins, he goes free, with his debts paid off. Does he want to play? Finn shrugs, indicating the situation he’s in – tied to a chair, surrounded by Mob thugs – does it look like he’s got any other choice?

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