The Elder Scrolls Online’s Going Live on Consoles in June, Dropping Mandatory Subscriptions (But Won’t Be Free to Play)


Here’s some great news on two fronts if you’re into MMORPGs and The Elder Scrolls franchise.

The Elder Scrolls Online, rechristened with the new subtitle Tamriel Unlimited, will make its long-awaited debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come the now confirmed global launch date of June 9th. Existing PC/Mac players will automatically be updated to the Tamriel Unlimited edition on March 17th.

TheElderScrollsOnline_XboxOne TheElderScrollsOnline_PS4

So, the game’s finally coming to consoles, but what about those damn monthly subscription fees? Thankfully, Bethesda Softworks is dropping the mandatory subscription model across all platforms. However, that does not mean that The Elder Scrolls Online is shifting over to a full on free-to-play model. You will still need to buy the game up front, but now, after the initial purchase, you will be able to play as much as you like without having to pay an extra penny. Obviously, though, a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold account will be required since this is an online multiplayer game.

But BethSoft isn’t ditching monthly subscriptions entirely either. The existing $14.99 per month subscription will simply transition over to an optional ESO Plus premium membership service, offering some helpful perks for players willing to pay for sub time. Having an ESO Plus membership will provide immediate access to all DLC packs (which will require standalone purchase for non-subscribers), a set allotment of a new form of in-game currency called Crowns (1500 Crowns for 30 days, 4500 for 90 days, or 9000 for 180 days) to spend on “cosmetic and convenience items” like costumes, mounts, vanity pets, and health potions at the in-game Crown Store, a 10% bonus to XP and gold gain, and buffs to crafting research and inspiration.


For non-ESO Plus members, Crowns will function as a microtransaction currency to be sold in Crown Packs for real money. None of the premium membership benefits appear to be things that will upset the game balance as far as forcing player into a pay to win scheme. Hopefully that will hold true in the final execution.

Finally, PC players interested in switching over to a console platform will be eligible to transfer their account and characters for a one-time fee of $20.

Learn more about The Elder Scrolls Online’s new Tamriel Unlimited play model and ESO Plus membership perks by reading the updated online FAQ.

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