The “Official” World of Warcraft Encyclopedia Launched

WarcraftEncyclopedia.jpgToday Blizzard, developing geniuses behind WoW, released their official World of Warcraft Encyclopedia. Hosted on the World of Warcraft homepage, the encyclopedia is Blizzard’s attempt at cataloging all of the lore they’ve built up on the Warcraft universe throughout the years. Right now it’s fairly sparse, with articles detailing just a few choice topics.

Honestly, over the past years if I’ve ever had the urge to find more information on Warcraft topics, I’ve headed over to WoWWiki. With a very friendly user interface and content that is updated and reviewed by many users on an almost constant basis, it’s leaps and bounds better than what Blizzard is now offering. Go check it out sometime if you’re in the mood for some fantasy reading.

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