The Quest for the Twilight Princess

I first preordered Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess along with Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness way back in the spring of 2005.  From that day to this, I have beaten Gale of Darkness, sold that crap game on Ebay and cancelled my preorder of Twilight Princess (twice). 

Needless to say, when I read that Twilight Princess for GameCube would once again be pushed back – this time to the spring of 2007 – I died a little inside.  Even though I had cancelled my preorder (twice), a small part of me still hoped that I would be playing this long-awaited game on my GameCube this Christmas.  You see, Twilight Princess was to be my farewell to my GameCube.  Together we have partied with Mario, shot countless zombies, and, of course, took Link on all sorts of adventures.  Before I replaced my GameCube with the Wii, I wanted to give my GameCube one last hurrah. 

It started to seem that this was not meant to be.  Nintendo announced that, in Japan, the game would only be available through Nintendo’s website.  I started to hear rumors that Nintendo would follow suit in the States and only offer the game via web order.  Even more shocking, I heard that the game may never be available on these shores.  When the game could no longer be found on Gamestop’s website, my conviction that I would have to ditch my GameCube without saying good-bye grew.

I am happy to report that all of the more malevolent rumors are false.  Gamestop and their affiliates are still selling the game (for more on this, read the article here).  On Nintendo’s site, they promise that Twilight Princess will be released on December 11, 2006 (a Monday?).  The Zelda official site reports that the game will be released on a much-more-believable Tuesday, December 12.  (One rep apparently reported the 13th; find more here).

Whatever the official release date, as of this writing, it appears that we may soon get a chance to play Twilight Princess on the GameCube.  So what’s been the hold up?  Reason would say that the GameCube version has been put on the back-burner while the Wii version was perfected so that the latter would launch with the new system.  I’ve never been a big fan of reason, though.  I suspect a darker plot.  Something put together by Ganon.  Time to don my green suit for some questing.

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