The Rock Band Cometh

Rock BandI think it’s safe to say that I had one of my most nerdiest moments at work today. When I got the press release that Harmonix was working on a new rhythm game I turned around to my nearest coworker and said, “Holy crap! Harmonix is making a new game where every piece of the band is included!” The reply I received was a mere “uh…..okay.”

Anyway, the game is called Rock Band and is being developed by Harmonix in conjunction with MTV and Electronic Arts. It will feature not only guitars (for lead and base), but a mic and a drum kit. To me, the most exciting part is the drum kit as I grew up playing drums. Hopefully Harmonix won’t cheap out and simply go with a drum pad because I would be willing to seriously invest in an electronic kit that I could play online with (or against) other people.

Also, Rock Band won’t include covers of songs we all know and love. Instead (probably via the MTV connection), EMI, Sony, Universal, and Rhino will be providing the master recordings for the game. While both Guitar Hero I and II featured excellent cover bands, it will be a whole different ball game to play with the actual tracks you’ve listened to for years.

Rock Band is slated to hit stores shelves this fall on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. While it was stated that online play would be included, there was no mention of if it would be inter-system or not. However, regardless of which system you pick it up for you can expect there to be a lot of downloadable content.

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