The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob DylanI’ve never been a big Bob Dylan fan but man, check out his hair in that picture. I think if I let mine grow out and never did anything with it, it’d be quite similar.

If you look below you’ll notice a few things…well…out of place.

First you’ll find me typing. That never happens. It’s because I’m announcing my “coming back” of sorts. I’m going to make it a point to get back to writing on a regular basis. Sure I’ve been writing my monthly articles over the the Lansing Noise, but daily it’s been pretty much work, chores, some WoW, then bed. I’ll try and make it a point to post at least once or twice a day as we’re going through a relaunch of sorts.

The second thing you’ll notice is that while I’ve been away, Matt Litten has been holding down the fort here, sprinkling a news tidbit here and there. Well, look below and you’ll find our first review! Yes I know, it’s hard to believe. Matt has shifted his writing from AceGamez to VGBlogger full time. You’ll start to see more reviews come from everyone here though following Matt’s inspiring lead.

Finally, you’ll also see Greg Wilcox’s name on the post below mine (hi Greg)! He too is joining/returning to VGBlogger after spending the better part of the past year over at AceGamez. Greg is a kick ass writer and is the only one out of us that can actually attend gaming events, seeing as how he lives in NYC.

With that, I thank you for sticking with us and now proposition you for your help. While you may enjoy coming to the site, if you take a look at our forums you’ll notice that they’re a bit….lacking. We were dugg a few months back and with that came an onslaught of bots. The sign-up process on the forums was easy, however with the ads that were popping up every day I limited the user creation to only Admin approval (me). Now I just get an email box full of junk users which I promptly delete and never look at. So does anyone have any ideas for a better forum? We’re currently using PHPBB, and I can’t afford to sink any cash into an alternative like vBulletin. Leave a comment with your suggestion and I’ll check it out when I have some spare time.

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