These Are Your Red Faction: Guerrilla “Demons of the Badlands” Trophies


So I just finished playing around with Red Faction: Guerrilla and the new Wrecking Crew content added in Thursday’s patch, and tucked away at the bottom of my Trophy list I found 10 mysterious new Trophies staring me in the face, taunting me because I couldn’t yet earn them. You see, as part of the patch THQ added preparative “support for upcoming DLC: Demons of the Badlands,” which comes out next week on August 13th, and apparently part of that support must have been loading in the expanded Trophy list because these new Trophies are clearly for Demons of the Badlands.

I’ve manually listed out the 10 Trophies coming with next week’s DLC after the break if you’d like a sneak peek. Or you could always just go fire up your copy of RFG and check ’em out there. Your choice.

Red Faction: Guerrilla “Demons of the Badlands” Trophies (name on left, requirement in middle, type on right):

  • Bound By Blood – Complete Rescue – Bronze
  • Family Vengeance – Complete Retribution – Silver
  • A Greater Purpose – Complete Redemption – Silver
  • Deliverance Defender – Complete all Marauder Actions – Silver
  • Tumbling Down – Beat All Pro Times in Mariner Valley Demo Masters and Transporters – Bronze
  • Mobile Bombs – Destroy 100 EDF Vehicles – Bronze
  • Structural Integrity – Destroy all Medium and High Priority Targets in Mariner Valley- Bronze
  • Purge the Valley – Break the EDF Control on Mariner Valley – Bronze
  • Ares’ Bloodlust – Destroy 4 Marauder War Totems – Bronze
  • The Power of One – Collect 75 Marauder Power Cells – Bronze
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