Think Guitar Hero‘s Guitar is too Flimsy? Build Your Own.

GuitarForCharity.jpgGuitar Hero‘s unique guitar controller has to be the best accessory released for any console in recent history and offers players a lifelike feel to all of the virtual thrashing they do when playing this title. Let’s say though that you feel the guitar is okay, but it could stand to be a little heavier and a bit larger, almost like a real guitar. Well Toolmonger has you covered.

The man pictured above took it upon himself to take an actual guitar and modify it into a wireless Guitar Hero ax. He did this not only for fun and bragging rights, but to also auction two of them off: one at last night’s Funde Razor event in New York City, and the other online on eBay. All proceeds for both auctions will be going toward’s Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity.

You can find all of the steps here for making a guitar of your own. While the site is currently down due to traffic, you can check out some of the mirrors until it comes back up. Be warned though that this project is not for the feint of heart as it took these people nearly 75 hours and a ton of work to complete. The end result though looks fantastic and would be a great trophy to show off and play for your Guitar Hero friends.

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