This is What You’ll Be Controlling the PlayStation 4 With


So, Sony announced the PlayStation 4 tonight. It wasn’t a particularly thrilling show, but one of the more interesting bits of news to come from the event was the official unveiling of the next iterations of both the DualShock controller and PlayStation Eye camera.

First and most important to any game console is the controller, so let’s start with the DualShock 4. It maintains the same general DualShock form factor and sports Bluetooth wireless technology, and will also include tweaks to the analog sticks and L2/R2 buttons as well as enhancements to existing tech such as rumble and six-axis motion sensing. There will be a new “Options” button to replace the functionality of past “Select” and “Start” buttons in a single press, a new “Share” button to immediately access the system’s social features such as the ability to broadcast live gameplay footage and share content through Facebook, and a front touch pad which appears to be similar to the rear touch pad on the Vita. The DualShock 4 will even feature a built-in speaker and a jack for stereo headphones. (A Mono Headset will be bundled with the console for voice chat right out of the box.)


The other key innovation to the DualShock 4 is an LED light bar that illuminates from the top of the controller in different colors. This light bar will have in-game uses, such as changing colors to indicate low health or to distinguish multiple players from one another, but more importantly it’ll function with the new PlayStation 4 Eye camera to track player positions and offer new forms of interaction.

The much sleeker PS4 Eye will feature two high-sensitive cameras and four microphones, providing options for speech and facial recognition in addition to full-body tracking. It’ll be capable of 85-degree diagonal angle views, and captures video frame rates of 1280×800 pixel @ 60fps, 640×400 pixel @ 120fps, and 320×192 pixel @ 240fps. Sony’s not forgetting about PlayStation Move either. The new camera will offer even more precise Move motion tracking, something Media Molecule highlighted with a user-generated content tech demo during the PlayStation Meeting.

Flip through the galleries below for a closer look at the DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Eye!

DualShock 4:
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PlayStation 4 Eye:
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