This Wednesday’s Live Arcade Title: RoboBlitz

Coming back from a Wednesday filled with updates for Texas Hold’em, Microsoft has announced that RoboBlitz will be available for download beginning Wednesday morning.

RoboBlitz is developed by Naked Sky Entertainment and is based off the Unreal Engine 3, the same engine used to create Gears of War. In this $15 title, you take the role of Blitz, a maintenance robot who must roam through 19 puzzle-filled levels to activate the main cannon of an abandoned space station to save his planet from a band of evil space pirates. While this title really came out of the blue, I was able to scrounge up some game footage over at GameTrailers. Though the graphics do look good, I’m a bit leary of the gameplay, especially at the $15 pricetag. I guess that’s why you can always download a demo prior to making such a commitment.

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