Toy Review: Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Army Builder Figures Boxed Sets 1 and 2

The first little baggie of Toynk’s Fallout Nanoforce figures came out over the holidays, and of course I just had to include it in our gift guides as a stocking stuffer must-have. Now that we’re a month into the New Year, Toynk has started a broader lineup rollout, offering the first two of four planned boxed set collections. The bag set sure is fun and nostalgic, but these boxed volumes are what collectors should be fiending for like a Wasteland junkie fueling their Jet addiction.

Each box set comes with thirteen army men-style plastic figures, including twelve 2″ scale figures and one larger 4″ scale figure unique to each numbered box set. Boxed volumes 1 and 2 contain 4″ figures of Vault Boy, in his “Toughness” perk pose, and Liberty Prime, respectively. Boxes 3 and 4 will be following late next month with opposing 4″ sculpts of the Super Mutant Behemoth and Deathclaw. I can already imagine the Wasteland toy battles these four big boys are destined for once the full lineup is released.

Of the twelve small figures, four are hidden inside a blacked out blind bag for you to discover after opening the box. I don’t believe these are random like a traditional blind box configuration, though, as the back of the boxes display the contents while showing shadowed outlines of the mystery figures with question marks over top. It’s really just a ploy to generate a little more anticipation when first digging into the box to see what you got.

The Series 1 figures are all based on weapons, artifacts, creatures, NPCs, and Vault Boy perk poses from the Fallout universe, including some exclusive new figures created from models in Fallout 76. The different figure classes are even distinguished by color: Vault Boys are blue plastic, ally NPCs are grey, enemies are green, and artifacts are orange. And it looks like the 4″ Super Mutant Behemoth and Deathclaw figures in the upcoming boxes are red. The color variation is a nice touch for sure, instead of everything being a uniform style.

I continue to be impressed by the quality of the figures. Seriously, block out any thoughts that immediately pop into your head about those traditional army men figures you might find in the cheap toy section of a dollar or drug store. The Nanoforce figures are molded out of a smooth, sturdy plastic; the heft and density is quite surprising the first time you hold one. The sculpting detail is also fantastic. You’ll be mistaking these for higher end board game and role-playing miniatures before ever daring to compare them to the old green soldiers in a bucket from your youth.

Whether you get the bagged sets or the boxes, the core 2″ figures in Series 1 are all the same. However, the boxed volumes are superior for a number of reasons. Perk number one is obviously the inclusion of the bonus 4″ figures, which won’t be available in any of the bagged collections. The boxes themselves are highly collectible and displayable, each with unique artwork, window panels showing the large figure and one of the smaller ones, and a covered plastic storage tray insert that allows you to go from play to display while keeping the figures neatly organized inside.

Additionally, each box comes with a double-sided poster pamphlet. One side shows a visual checklist of the complete series, while the reverse side is a Wasteland map placemat with color-coded, labeled base outlines serving as a seating chart for all 52 Series 1 figures. It’s a neat way to show them off on a table or shelf, and the opportunity to fill out the entire map display will only heighten the need to collect them all.

Hardcore fans who bought the pricey Fallout 76 Power Armor edition already have firsthand experience with similar figures and how awesome they are, but now thanks to Toynk these EMCE Toys-crafted collectibles are more accessibly available to the masses. I honestly can’t think of anything someone might dislike, except maybe only for the fact that they are premium priced–$19.99 per box, $12.99 for the bag–compared to the generic toy soldiers we’ve been accustomed to. But these are also premium quality and officially licensed collectibles as much as they are simple toys, so a higher price comes with the territory, and you do absolutely get what you pay for.

Buy From: Amazon and Toynk Toys for $19.99 per boxed volume, or $12.99 for bagged set 1.

Disclosure: Fallout Nanoforce Boxed Sets 1 and 2 were provided to for review consideration by Toynk Toys.

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