Toys “R” Us Wii Pre-orders Start 10/29

WiiPreOrder.JPGMiss out on pre-ordering a Wii from GameStop/EBX last week? Lucky for you Toys “R” Us has caught onto the pre-ordering craze and will be taking orders at the end of the month.

The folks over at GoNintendo received some scans from a Toys “R” Us employee from the yearly “Big Book” which basically informs parents of what’s hot for the holiday season. This catalogue isn’t due out until October, 29th and on one of the pages (as seen on the right, click for a close-up), it clearly states that you can reserve your Wii at the store “now”. This information basically confirms the rumors that have been circulating around the net regarding Toys “R” Us Wii pre-orders beginning on 10/29.

It’s not often that a second chance like this comes around. So if you missed the first round of pre-orders, make sure you don’t have anything planned next Sunday morning as you’ll have to wake up pretty early to snag one of the reservations yourself.

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