Two DLC Puzzle Packs Make Quantum Conundrum Even Fluffier


Airtight Games’ Quantum Conundrum is an amusing and fairly challenging first-person puzzle romp, but it could have used some fluffing up in terms of offering more puzzles and overall longevity. If you don’t mind forking over a few extra shekels, soon you will be able to extend your dimension-shifting adventures with “hours of additional puzzles.”

Two new DLC puzzle packs are fast on the way to make Quantum Conundrum the fluffiest damn puzzle game ever created. Puzzle pack #1, The Desmond Debacle, will be available on Steam first starting July 31st, followed by PSN and XBLA releases on August 14th and 15th, respectively. Puzzle pack #2, IKE-aramba!, will carry similar PC-first time exclusivity, launching August 28th on Steam before eventually making the console leap on September 11th and 12th.

Both DLC add-ons will run you $2.99/240 MS Points, which means if you put up the extra five bucks for the special Steam Season Pass version, you’re saving yourself a whole dollar. Or, if you already counted the included soundtrack as being worth the $5, you can try to tell yourself that these puzzle packs are “free.”

The Desmond Debacle:
In The Desmond Debacle, the first puzzle pack, gamers will power up the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device for a brand new adventure deep in an unexplored wing of the labyrinthine Quadwrangle Manor. Old friend Desmond, the drinking bird, offers up even more brain-twisting and complex puzzles for hours of inter-dimensional puzzle solving.
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In IKE-aramba!, the second puzzle pack, gamers are charged with rescue duty once again, but instead of a missing uncle, this time the victim is IKE (Interdimensional Kinetic Entity)! In this all-new adventure, players will have to rescue IKE and leap seemingly endless chasms while traveling through a newly discovered wing of Quadwrangle Manor.
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