Upcoming Patch for Resistance: Fall of Man

rfom.jpgIf you don’t know by now, one of our staffers finally found a PS3. It seems that on her search for a Wii in Toledo, Rachel stopped in at an EB Games that just happened to have two 20GB PlayStation 3 systems for which no one ever came to pick up the pre-order. Not one to punch fortune in the face when it smiles on her, she purchased both, one for herself and the other to sell to cover the cost of an additional controller and Resistance: Fall of Man.

Well she, and probably anyone else lucky enough to find a PS3 and pick up Resistance, will be happy to know that 1up.com is reporting that a patch is currently in the works. In a blog update from Insomniac’s lead multiplayer programmer, Eric Ellis, a patch is close on the horizon and will address some key balance issues while putting more focus on effectively using team strategies to defeat your opponent. No word was given on a specific release date, but Ellis did say that it, “should happen very soon, so stay tuned.”

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