Upcoming XBLA Lineup Detailed

Following a tremendous run of quality titles released during the holidays, the Xbox Live Arcade has slowed down a bit this month. But things are about to pick up again real soon as Microsoft has announced today that 10 new games are headed to the XBLA in the weeks to come starting in February (though no specific availability dates were given on any of them).

The 10 upcoming titles include 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures from Wanako Games and Sierra Online, Alien Hominid HD from The Behemoth, Band of Bugs from NinjaBee, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from Konami, Catan from Big Huge Games and Microsoft Game Studios, Eets: Chowdown from Klei Entertainment, Luxor 2 from MumboJumbo, Worms from Team 17, and Paperboy and Root Beer Tapper both from Digital Eclipse and Midway.

Many of these titles are also significant for bringing certain genres to the XBLA for the first time. Worms, for example, will be the first turn-based strategy game launched via the XBLA service, while Catan will be the first board game. Further details regarding launch dates will be provided in the weeks to come as each title gears up for its release. For now, check out the below screenshot galleries we have for all 10 of today’s announced games.

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures:

Minigolf Adventures Screen1.jpg Minigolf Adventures Screen2.jpg

Alien Hominid HD:

AlienHominidHD_screenshot1.jpg AlienHominidHD_screenshot3.jpg AlienHominidHD_screenshot4.jpg
Band of Bugs:

BandOfBugs_screenshot25.jpg BandOfBugs_screenshot27.jpg BandOfBugs_screenshot33.jpg
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:

CastlevaniaSOTN_screenshot14.jpg CastlevaniaSOTN_screenshot21.jpg CastlevaniaSOTN_screenshot33.jpg CastlevaniaSOTN_screenshot7.jpg

Catan_screenshot1.jpg Catan_screenshot2.jpg Catan_screenshot3.jpg Catan_screenshot6.jpg
Eets: Chowdown:

EetsChowdown_screenshot07.jpg EetsChowdown_screenshot14.jpg EetsChowdown_screenshot18.jpg
Luxor 2:

Luxor2_screenshot18.jpg Luxor2_screenshot22.jpg Luxor2_screenshot31.jpg

Worms_screenshot2.jpg Worms_screenshot3.jpg Worms_screenshot6.jpg

ms1-image1.jpg ms1-image2.jpg ms1-image4.jpg
Root Beer Tapper: 

RBT-image1.jpg RBT-image2.jpg RBT-image3.jpg

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