Update “Bricking” 360s and MS Getting Sued

ring_of_red.jpgI’ve been mulling around with the idea of whether or not to post about the Xbox 360 bricking/lawsuit fiasco. At first the whole thing began as a rumor on Xbox’s message board that someone was suing Microsoft for $5,000,000 claiming that a recent update “bricked” his Xbox 360. The story gained more credibility once GameSpot actually did some digging and found that it was actually valid. Now that 1up has even further information from one of the law firms involved in the suit, I think it’s time to bring this story forward in the event that you are also experiencing issues with your system.

The story goes as such: Kevin Ray downloaded the Xbox 360 update that was made available on October 31st and immediately began experiencing problems with his system. Basically his system was “bricked,” meaning that instead of loading as normal, the 360 instead got a ring of red lights around the power switch (as pictured above) and displayed a message prompting him to call technical support. Though Microsoft initially stated that this only happened to a small number of systems and issued an additional patch mid-November to correct the problem, Xbox 360 owners are still experiencing dying systems after downloading both the initial October 31st patch and its subsequent update.

Though Microsoft went on record saying they would front the cost of any shipping and repair/replacement charges if a system died due to the update, they are not honoring this claim. Instead, if you call into Microsoft’s technical support and tell them that your system malfunctioned shortly after downloading the patch, they will promptly ask you to send it in for repair at $140 (unless the system is under warranty of course). This gives the appearance that Microsoft is trying to make a little cash off of bad software and as a result, Kevin Ray’s suit was born.

Read on for more information on the suit.

The suit is actually of the class-action variety and is currently seeking $5,000,000 just to bring it in front of a judge easier. This monetary value can be adjusted accordingly once all the parties that will participate in the suit have been identified. As of today about 400 individuals have contacted the three lawfirms handling the suit claiming to have problems with their systems after downloading the update in question. On a personal note, I know two individuals that have experienced problems with their systems after the October update. One has had many lock-ups while the other has had his system completely break, and which Microsoft wants $140 for in order to fix.

If you feel that your system has had issues or even broken as a result of this update, one of the lawfirms you can contact is Kabateck Brown and Kellner and attempt to be a part of this lawsuit. While nothing may ever come out of it, or if it does it may not be for a year or two, at least you may get some action out of Microsoft. Also, contact a customer service rep at 1-800-4MY-XBOX. While they may not be very helpful given your situation, at least they’ll have a record of your call which can help track how many people are really experiencing issues.

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