Use Your 1337 Hacker Skillz to Win a PS3

Though I’m not familiar with this hosting site, Shimpinomori is offering hacking savvy folks out there the chance to win their very own PlayStation 3.

By heading over to this page you can find out all of the details for yourself. Basically, anyone that is able to change a picture of a toddler holding a PS3 box (seen above) along with depositing a few other files on the site’s root directory, will win a modded PlayStation 3 complete with a 160 GB hard drive, preinstalled Fedora Linux, Resistance: Fall of Man, and some HDMI cables for good measure.

Hurry though, because while the contest lasts until January of 2007, I’m sure some highly skilled hackers are already using all of the resources at their disposal to snag this one-of-a-kind system.

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