VGames and the Sands of Bankruptcy

Earlier this year I participated in the mall tour of a national video game tournament called the VGames. Naturally I competed in Soul Calibur II because that is my current tournament game of choice (behind Mario Kart: Double Dash). I didn’t win the event, but the person that did won an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to compete in the finals against all the other winners in their 30 city tour.

So, although I didn’t win, I’ve still been checking their message boards to see when the next time they’ll be around might be. Over the past few months, the winners have been asking about travel arrangements to the finals with no response. So two days ago, VGames posted this. Needless to say, many players weren’t happy.

This anger could be seen over in the Soul Calibur Community as well as the Smash Brothers Community. You can go read for yourself, but basically players are attempting to stage some sort of legal action against VGames due to them spending money and winning the tournament but getting nothing in return.

So the lesson to be learned is this: don’t promise free trips to LA and $10,000 in prize money when you’re not sure that you can hack it. Although national video game tournaments are a great idea in my opinion, they obviously need a great management team behind it which the VGames just didn’t have.

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