VGB Adventures in Trophy Hunting Part 1


Early last month I talked about putting together a regular series of trophy updates chronicling my newfound PS3 trophy hunting addiction, and today I’m finally back to start things off properly. Since first checking in I’ve gone from level 9 and 472 trophies to 4% into level 12 and 689 trophies. I have since gained three more Platinum trophies as well — inFamous, BioShock and Terminator Salvation — bringing my overall total to six.

inFamous and BioShock were very satisfying Platinum trophies to earn. Neither was too difficult, but I appreciated how the trophy system livened up replaying both games multiple times, and that’s what trophies (and achievements on the 360) can bring to a game when implemented properly. I especially enjoyed my time with inFamous trying to do all the stunts — the air sticky bomb stunt was the toughest for me to pull off — and seeing how differently the game played out from the good and evil perspectives. Beating BioShock on the Survivor difficulty was a nice challenge too. On the lesser difficulties you can get away with just sort of running and gunning, but on Survivor you have to plan things out more, particularly when confronting the Big Daddies. Defeating the first Big Daddy took me 10 attempts at the least since it was so early in the game before I had a chance to build up my weapons and plasmids, but once I got through that fight the game became a little more forgiving.

Terminator Salvation, on the other hand, is the lamest Platinum trophy in existence, which I guess makes sense given how lame the game itself is. Simply beat the game on the hardest difficulty setting and the Platinum is yours. It really is pathetic.

So what’s next on my trophy hunting agenda? Well, I’m currently playing through Red Faction: Guerrilla, Prototype, Virtua Tennis 2009 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine for reviews, and a bunch of trophies will surely come from those in the process. Tomb Raider Underworld had trophies patched in just recently, and within the past couple weeks I’ve also finally picked up Dead Space, Burnout Paradise and Resident Evil 5, so I’ll gradually begin snagging trophies from those in between other priorities. I can see myself playing RFG, Wolverine and Burnout Paradise to Platinum status, but not sure on the others yet. VT 2009 is too much of a grind and I have mixed feelings about Prototype and RE5 thus far.

Will check back in next month with the second installment in “Adventures in Trophy Hunting,” hopefully with even more virtual hardware to brag about! But until next time, please feel free to share any of your special trophy hunting accomplishments in the comments, or if you need help completing a certain trophy challenge or would like to know details about a game’s trophy system you’re thinking about playing, ask away and maybe I can help out.

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