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In part one of our gift guides for geeks and gamers, we showed you a wide variety of video game and movie themed books to consider buying or asking for this holiday season. Now for part two, we’re back with some fun novelty items and stocking stuffer gift ideas that are sure to be a hit!

Angry Birds USB Flash Drives – $14.99 – Buy From:
No gamer or computer geek can ever have too many USB flash drives, and nowadays with so many novelty designs available they have become a new form of techie collectible. I’ve built up my own personal stash over the years, particularly as more and more publishers create custom press kit drives in designs to promote their latest video games. The latest additions to the family are EMTEC’s flock of Angry Birds flash drives. These rubberized storage devices/desktop figurines come in seven different character models, each available in capacities of 4GB or 8GB. The detailing on the faces is very well done, and each one comes with a lanyard clip so you can take them from your computer or gaming console to your keychain or backpack. No way are you going to want to cover up those adorable faces by hiding them in your pocket. Unlike some other game-themed flash drives I’ve used, these don’t come pre-loaded with a bunch of promotional crap or other files that only hog up precious storage space. Just plug ’em in, wait for the driver to auto-install, and you’re all set!

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Havoc/Infinity – $13.99 – Buy From:
FPSFreek_Havoc FPSFreek_Infinity
We’ve already reviewed KontrolFreek’s Signature Edition CQC analog stick modifiers. They’re great! But this fall two more FPS Freeks have been released, each customized for the year’s two most hyped first-person shooters. The Havoc stick grips are made of a black rubber laser-etched with a skull at the center to mimic the Call of Duty: Black Ops II logo. To compliment Halo 4, the Infinity grips are a vibrant blue and feature a UNSC emblem. Unlike the Signature Edition CQCs, both of these FPS Freeks extend higher from the base analog sticks they attach to and have supple concave surfaces that gently caress the thumb. The longer extension feels a bit weird at first, but it’s amazing how much more precise and responsive the controls become once they’re broken in. Arm your favorite PS3 and/or Xbox 360 controller with these bad boys for maximum FPS performance.

Mighty Mug – $14.99 – Buy From:
For gamers and tech enthusiasts, accidentally spilled beverages near valuable electronics is a common catastrophe, leading to sticky keyboard keys and controller surfaces or, worst case scenario, complete circuit failure. Clumsy drinkers take notice, the incredible, unspillable Mighty Mug is here to save the day! Designed with patented Smartgrip technology, the Mighty Mug’s base adheres to any flat tabletop surface like a suction cup from the future — say goodbye to coasters — and won’t let go unless the mug is lifted by the handle. You can elbow it or pummel it like a punching bag, but it won’t spill over and it won’t splash. Yet with a light pull of the handle, the mug lifts with ease. It’s magic I tell ya! I suppose if you took a baseball bat to it like Babe Ruth, it probably wouldn’t stand a chance. But if you’re dumb enough to be swinging a bat near your office desk or home entertainment center, you deserve whatever disaster occurs as a result.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Mug – $12.95 – Buy From:


If you’re not klutzy enough to need the Mighty Mug’s spill-resistant tech and want a drinking vessel with a gaming theme, Square Enix offers imported coffee mugs with artwork that’ll give you an extra shot of nostalgia to go along with the caffeine kick from your morning cup of Joe. Like the one pictured above, which depicts the cute, toy-like Final Fantasy characters from this year’s Nintendo 3DS music game spin-off Theatrhythm marching around the base along a musical bar. The detail work is very impressive when you can see it up close and personal, and the characters even have a textured surface feel. It’s so lovely to look at, you may prefer to display it on a shelf or desk rather than risk tainting its minimalistic black-and-white beauty with drink stains. If Theatrhythm isn’t your cup of tea, a Moogle version is also available.

Legend of Zelda Replica Ocarinas – $16 – $114 – Buy From: STL Ocarina
Ranging in price from cheap to super duper expensive, STL’s vast selection of replica ocarinas are perfect for Legend of Zelda fans of all ages and experience. From the traditional ocarina to ones shaped like potion pots and Rupees, the craftsmanship and authenticity is so impeccable that collectors with disposable income will probably just want to buy them all for display purposes. However, it’s very important to remember that they are fully functional instruments, capable of playing tunes just like the ones Link performs during his Hyrulian adventures (songbook guides are available). I can’t think of a neater way to expose youngsters to playing a musical instrument. Cheaper plastic models are even available, I’m assuming for this very purpose.

Mega Man Scent Blasters – $2.99 – Buy From: ThinkGeek


Gee, I wonder what Mega Man smells like? If that question has ever crossed your mind, your nose has led you to the right place to find the answer. Up and coming video game fragrance company Epic-Scents has launched its licensed product line this year with a pair of Scent Blaster air fresheners inspired by The Blue Bomber himself. Mega Man’s ‘Cool Rush’ blasts the senses with refreshing breezy floral notes, while Proto Man whets the appetite with the smell of apple and just tickles the nose with a hint of cinnamon spice, an appropriate odor combination for the season. Hang them in your car or house, or hell, just tie one around your neck and soak in the intoxicating scent of Capcom’s iconic mascot. We’re talking about video game air fresheners here, there are no rules. This is the type of strange novelty item that a great stocking stuffer is supposed to be. And this is merely the beginning for Epic-Scents. I can’t wait to catch a big ol’ whiff of whatever other gaming-themed smelly things they come up with.

LittleBigPlanet Santa Sackboy – $24.95 – Buy From:


Standing 10 inches tall, Santa Sackboy is a plushie bundle of Christmas joy. He’s the ideal stuffed companion to snuggle with for a good night’s sleep, or he can dress up your indoor Christmas decorations with a whimsical charm that will melt the hearts of even your non-gaming friends and relatives. No gaming character is merrier or jollier than Sackboy. If any one could take over Santa’s job, it’s him.

Novelty Gaming Candies – $1.95 and up – Buy From:
Mint tins shaped like Link’s shield or Sonic the Hedgehog’s head. Pez-style candy dispensers modeled after Wii Remotes and PlayStation Move controllers. Sugary pucker powders stored in containers shaped like Bomb-omb from Super Mario Bros. Companies like Boston America and Au’some offer a wide range of confectionery treats sure to hit the spot for any gamer with a sweet tooth. These are fun stocking stuffer goodies for sure.

LEGO Lord of the Rings Toy Sets – $12.99 and up – Buy From: LEGO Shop
The LEGO brand has never been hotter, and this Christmas, with the recent release of the tie-in video game and the upcoming theatrical debut of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the LEGO theme to get is The Lord of the Rings. You can start on the low end with Gandalf Arrives, a small, affordable set containing Gandalf and Frodo mini-figs and the horse-drawn wagon Gandalf rides into the Shire on, or blow out the bank account with the $130 set recreating the Battle at Helm’s Deep. In between, you’ll find LEGO brick depictions of scenes such as Weathertop, The Mines of Moria, and Shelob’s Lair. Gandalf Arrives is definitely the best option as far as a stocking stuffer, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the sets.

Dragon’s Dogma Pawn Bobble Budd – $9.95 – Buy From: Capcom Store


Capcom’s online shop sells a variety of Bobble Budds modeled after recognizable characters like Ryu, Asura, Servbot and Frank West. Capcom fans would be happy receiving any one of those, but my favorite happens to be the Dragon’s Dogma Pawn. He comes with four weapon accessories and a pair of stick sheets with multiple armor patterns so, just like in the game, the class of your bobble-headed pawn can be customized. And unlike most bobble heads, Bobble Budds can be rotated at the neck to lock down the wobble, if you prefer it to stay still. The stickers aren’t all that detailed and putting them on such a small figure is a bit tricky without tiny fingers, but that’s just a minor drawback. Overall, Bobble Budds are cute, cheap, customizable and collectable. Those are four Cs that can’t be beat.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragonborn Vinyl Figure – $12.99 – Buy From: Symbiote Studios or


Cute, fearsome, and armed to the teeth ready to slay some plastic dragons, the Dragonborn vinyl figure from Symbiote Studios is three inches of pure awesome. Right now figures are temporarily out of stock on the Symbiote website, but fortunately it looks like Newegg still has some waiting to be snatched up. Of course, you can always get the DIY version, which comes as a blank white figure that can be personally painted, colored and customized. Either way, this is an essential collectible for true Skyrim fans.

604Republic Geek Gear – Buy From:
When it comes to t-shirts, hoodies, polos, hats and beanies, in both men’s and women’s styles and sizes, 604Repulic is a go-to source for all your geek gear needs. 604’s apparel is always being updated to stay current with the latest pop culture trends and gaming parodies. Fun designs and affordable prices mean you can find a cool and somewhat obscure gift without putting a huge dent in your holiday shopping budget. They’ve even got poster prints so you can display your favorite shirt’s artwork on the wall and your chest at the same time!

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