VGBlogger Holiday Review Guide: PSP


These are the PSP games we reviewed this year!

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3: “But in spite of those complaints, I like this the best of any of the SOCOM PSP games. Each one has improved upon the last, and between the refined controls and targeting, the robust multiplayer, and particularly the Custom Mission generator, I found this the most compelling of the bunch. Good portable shooters are few and far between, and this franchise has consistently delivered some of the best handheld shooter experiences available for nearly five years. So if you are a PSP owner and a shooter fan, this is an easy recommendation.” Read the full review for more.

echoshift: “So yes, if you choose to buy echoshift you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. The puzzles are clever and diverse, levels are in abundant supply, and the minimalist art style and soothing music play the unifying role to perfection. However, the sluggishness of play may not be for everyone, so I’d play it safe and download the demo first.” Read the full review for more.

Metal Slug XX: “With Metal Slug Anthology sitting on the PlayStation Store for $20 (and UMD copies easy to find even cheaper), Metal Slug XX’s only real problem is value competition from its own kind. But even though you aren’t getting seven games in one for the same price, Metal Slug XX’s relentless action and high replayability make up the difference.” Read the full review for more.

The Red Star: “All of the PS2 version’s unlockable content is intact as well, including the third playable character, the survival arenas, the “EX” difficulty and the bonus cheats. But one thing the PSP version is missing from the PS2 is the co-op play, which is kind of disappointing since this type of game only gets better when you can bring a friend along for the ride. Having said that, multiplayer isn’t as important for portable play, and frankly, this game is such a complete solo experience that co-op is ultimately irrelevant.” Read the full review for more.

Dead or Alive Paradise: “If all you care about is tits and ass – real or virtual – Dead or Alive Paradise may just be the game for you. Personally, though, just having this game in my PSP makes me feel like a dirty, creepy little perv, and, like watching porn, it’s something I’d be embarrassed to be caught playing. Obviously there is a market for this type of game – Tecmo surely must be selling enough copies to now be releasing this third installment – I’m just not part of it, nor do I understand the appeal.” Read the full review for more.

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony: “Frankly, I can’t put my finger on anything I would consider a significant flaw. There are a couple little quirks, but overall Lunar: Silver Star Harmony stands tall as both a phenomenal remake of an old classic and an excellent RPG, even by modern standards.” Read the full review for more.

Widgets Odyssey: “At five levels and roughly an hour and change in length on the first playthrough, Widgets Odyssey is a short adventure. But it is right-priced at only $2, and already I’ve replayed it three times just for kicks. Overall, this is exactly the type of breezy, lighthearted experience the Minis platform was established for.” Read the full review for more.

Young Thor: “Concessions were made to squeeze Young Thor into such a small package, but they do make complete sense when looked at as part of the bigger picture and are easily forgivable when you consider the effort and ambition that obviously went into every aspect of this game’s creation. ” Read the full review for more.

Widgets Odyssey II: “Regardless, Widgets Odyssey II is a goofy puzzle-adventure romp priced just right at $2. Grab it and the first part, and kick back for a couple hours of silly fun.” Read the full review for more.

The Eye of Judgment: Legends: “But with multiplayer being such a huge factor in the longevity of the game, I definitely have to recommend trying out the demo first before taking the final plunge. And the cool thing about the demo is that your save data in terms of stats and cards carries over, so if you subsequently decide to buy the full game you can start back up with an advantage. This really makes the “try before you buy” approach a lot more practical.” Read the full review for more.

Patchwork Heroes: “From gameplay to aesthetics, Patchwork Heroes captures the addictive simplicity of a classic arcade game, yet is also layered with many subtleties that give it more of a modern breadth of challenge. It truly is a one-of-a-kind experience, and that uniqueness carries it a long way. Of course, the fact that the game is a heck of a lot of fun sure doesn’t hurt!” Read the full review for more.

Ace Combat: Joint Assault: “There really is so much to love about this game, and very little to criticize. Getting a co-op game going can be a chore at times, and I do think Namco Bandai could’ve taken the joint assault concept even further. But on the whole, Ace Combat: Joint Assault pushes portable flight combat into a new stratosphere of excellence.” Read the full review for more.

Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team: “Fan service will likely mask these flaws for a very specific audience that loves everything Dragon Ball Z no matter what “outsiders” have to say. So, if you’re in that group, you can pretty much disregard everything negative I’ve had to say about Tenkaichi Tag Team, because you’re probably going to dig this game regardless of my opinion. However, for the broader PSP audience wondering whether or not Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team is a worthwhile fighting game, I think I’ve made my answer abundantly clear at this point.” Read the full review for more.

Blazing Souls: Accelate: “I am not going to belabor this review – this is the worst PSP game I have played this year. I am long past forgiving a game for being as inscrutable as what I described above … especially when the ‘payoff’ is so shallow. If you want a strategy-RPG game for the PSP there are plenty of better ones out there … in fact any SRPG with the possible exception of Spectral Souls and the original Generation of Chaos is better than this. So don’t torture yourself – play something awesome instead (upcoming review hint: like Z.H.P.)!” Read the full review for more.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta: “Really, it’s hard for me to think of a truly negative thing to say about Ghost of Sparta as a game. It controls extremely well, looks stunning, sounds amazing, has familiar-but-thrilling gameplay, and tells a captivating story that fits into the God of War narrative in a meaningful way.” Read the full review for more.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana: “Overall Ys: The Oath in Felghana is an imperfect but fun experience. It is over fairly quickly – in a dozen or so hours – but with the fast paced action and fun combat system you never feel like you aren’t getting a great value for your money. Since playing this I picked up Ys Seven, and while I think overall that game is a better value, with a deeper story, characters and combat system, this offers a visceral thrill and sense of adventure that game lacks. Both games are very well done and very much worth playing so I won’t choose one over the other. Regardless, Ys has come a long way since 2006 and the last game I played – and now I can’t wait for the next entry!” Read the full review for more.

Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman: “But none of that puts any taint on the joy of playing Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman. From the opening credits to the very end the game is over-the-top fun built on a solid foundation with a great combat system and plenty of content. Definitely one of the better PSP games I’ve played in a while!” Read the full review for more.

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