VGBlogger’s 2020 Super Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide


2020 is the year that keeps on giving. It’s not giving us anything particularly good or positive, but we all still have our families and communities and a common humanity that brings us all together, so there’s still reason to have a mirthful holiday season even if many people aren’t able to celebrate it as they traditionally would. Likewise, this year has been far from traditional around here and unfortunately our gift guide is going to be a bit pared back from the norm because I simply haven’t been able to check out many products lately.

Ballsy Brands Jewels Jolly Kit:

After an intense hours long gaming session, seated in the ol’ La-Z-Boy or computer chair, there’s a good chance you’re going to develop a severe case of sweaty balls. No, not Schweddy Balls. I’m talking about real sweaty balls. To combat against stanky jollies, Ballsy Brands offers a great line of male hygiene products formulated with natural ingredients to safely cleanse and aromatize your body’s tenderest of bits. Limited for the holiday season, the Jewels Jolly Kit is an ideal gift box set containing a bottle of the Ballwash nut, butt and body wash, a small tin of Nut Rub solid cologne, and a bottle of Sack Spray odor neutralizer. Despite the funny names, these are high quality hygiene products that can be used on the entire body, not just your twig and berries. They smell and deodorize better than the average department store scents and soaps you’re probably used to. And as Frank Thomas would say, trust me, she’ll like it to. *wink wink*

Indie Games:

“As its title so succinctly points to, Indie Games is a book dedicated to the indie game. What is an indie game? Who makes them? What are the challenges that go into their development? Where did indie gaming all begin and how has it progressed to today? These are just some of the topics you’ll get to explore should you make the wise decision to buy a copy of this meticulously researched and lovingly presented book. Do so and you’ll come away with an even stronger love and appreciation for the indie games that you play and the creative minds that brought them into your life.” Read my full review here.


Are you one of the fortunate gamers out there who’s actually been able to buy a shiny new PlayStation 5 and/or Xbox Series X|S console? Well then don’t forget to enhance your controller with the latest and greatest thumbstick grips from KontrolFreek. In case you hadn’t heard, all PS4 and Xbox One KontrolFreek grips are also compatible with their next-gen counterparts, so there’s a huge existing catalog to choose from, many of which we’ve reviewed previously. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any new models to check out. Following series tradition, KF has launched dope-looking grips themed after Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. So definitely check those out.

Titan Comics Video Game Graphic Novels:

For the gamer who enjoys exploring their favorite worlds and storylines beyond what appears in game, Titan Comics offers a wide range of fantastic graphic novels based on many of the most popular games and franchises, from Bloodborne and Dark Souls to Assassin’s Creed and Medievil. This year, two standouts in particular are the Life is Strange Series One Collection, a box set containing three novels spanning the first 12 issues inside a lovely slipcase plus three collectible art cards, and Horizon: Zero Dawn “The Sunhawk”, a compilation of the first four issues (plus a cover gallery and machines bestiary of sorts) telling a story set after the events of the game.

Fishing Tackle Gift and Subscription Boxes:

With the pandemic closing down large sectors of the economy and forcing people into quarantine, one bright spot I’ve found in 2020 has been seeing people reconnect with the great outdoors and activities like fishing. If you’ve been in a tackle shop or department store at some point this year you’ve probably noticed that the shelves of fishing tackle have often been bare, partly due to supply chain issues but also because fishing gear has been in such high demand. Whether you’re an avid angler, someone who grew up fishing as a child and is now coming back to it, or someone totally new to the sport, one of the best ways to amass new tackle is through subscription boxes. Mystery Tackle Box is probably the oldest and most well known, and it’s a good service for sure. However, for my money MonsterBass, which opened up shop last year and has already taken the fishing world by storm, is probably the best because of its approach to providing tackle configurations that take seasonality and region into account. 6th Sense also offers a great tackle subscription sack, but I’d say it’s more for the experienced angler. Florida Tackle Club is another great one that I’ve heard about but haven’t used personally. Many other options exist, but I would stick with those to start with. Also browse around because this time of year many stores sell little brand specific gift boxes. I’ve seen great ones featuring baits from Strike King, Berkley, and Googan Squad. Mystery Tackle Box also has a huge lure gift box called the Motherlode, but it’s been selling out so it may be tough to find.

The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian:

Having just concluded its second season, The Mandalorian has proven to be a runaway smash hit for Disney Plus. Fans of the show can now dig deeper behind the scenes of the series’ first season thanks to Abrams Books. Abrams has been publishing phenomenal coffee table art books for the newer Star Wars films, including the sequel trilogy as well as Rogue One and Solo, and this one is no different, delivering the same wealth of insightful creator commentary and beautifully formatted and presented concept art. Yes, Baby Yoda included. Show watchers and Star Wars fans in general are going to love this.

HORI USA Nintendo Switch Fighting Commander:

Need to up your Nintendo Switch fight game? Let HORI USA be your peripheral sensei with the awesome new Fighting Commander controller designed specifically for 2D fighting games as well as other retro-style games like 2D platformers and puzzlers. The wired fight pad features an elongated form factor, six face button layout (the usual A, B, X, and Y plus R and ZR), four assignable shoulder buttons (LSB, RSB, L, and ZL), and a D-pad with a toggle switch that allows it to function as the D-pad, right analog stick, or left analog stick. The oversized buttons cover nearly the entire surface of the thumb for added comfort and arcade-like feel when you’re pounding away at the controls bout after bout. The controller is missing rumble support, though, so don’t expect any force feedback behind all those kicks and punches. However, it is nice and lightweight so you can duke it out for hours on end without cramping your hands up with a heavy burden. PC gamers can also wrap their bloody-knuckled fists around the Fighting Commander for all their 2D fighting and retro gaming needs as the controller is also fully compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 8.1 via X-Input.

HORI USA Nintendo Switch Blue Light Screen Filter:

So your fight game has been upgraded, but what about protecting your eyes from all those hours staring into your Switch’s LCD screen? HORI has the solution to that with the Blue Light Screen Filter, an enhanced version of the company’s popular Screen Protective Filter. The PET film is applied directly to the screen using a patented “One & Done” three-step application method that promises easy placement without those annoying air bubbles or dust particles sneaking in. In addition to providing scratch and dust protection, the film reduces blue light by 30% for a viewing experience that is easier on the eyes and offers a warmer color tone without impacting clarity or touch control sensitivity. Protect your screen, save your eyes–what’s not to love?

HORI USA New Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro:

Built to maximize ergonomic comfort for playing in handheld mode, HORI USA’s Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch offers an alternative to the out-of-box Joy-Cons with a gamepad-style design sure to please gamers who are longing for a more traditional controller feel. Each half of the Split Pad Pro has the size and form factor of a full-size controller, including larger grips, analog sticks, and buttons, as well as a traditional D-pad on the left side instead of individual directional buttons. Gamers with grownup sized hands, this is the peripheral for you! Additionally, the Split Pad Pro offers advanced features, including programmable FL and FR rear buttons, one on each controller half, that fall naturally under the tips of the middle and ring fingers, and Turbo buttons for rapid fire functionality. The Split Pad Pro’s full-size comfort is matched by a sleek aesthetic branded with a Daemon X Machina theme, the black casing and buttons accented by red analog sticks and a red X button printed to match that of the game’s logo. Fans of the mech brawler are sure to love this cool extra flourish.

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