Waiting In Line For A PS3/Wii? Follow These Simple Rules.

TheWait.JPGWhile waiting to take advantage of the buy two get one free deal at Toys “R” Us with a few of my friends today I ran across this article that me, and many other people will probably make use of in the next few weeks. It’s a guide to 14-step guide to camping out in line, waiting to purchase a system on launch day. Since many gamers weren’t able to reserve a PS3 (me) or Wii, we’ll be taking these pearls of wisdom to heart as we prepare ourselves for the cold, cold wait of that November night/morning.

I guess my compadre an I should start getting to know the store manager, and gather our supplies. No use in freezing any digits off, because then we won’t be able to play what we waited in line for.

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