Want PS1 Games On Your PSP? Buy A PS3.

PSP Rear LogoIt’s been known for quite some time that eventually players would be able to download games for the original PlayStation onto their PSPs and cruise around town with classics like Tomb Raider or Syphon Filter.

Today at Sony’s Gamers Day event, gamers finally got an answer as to exactly how these games would get onto the PSP’s memory stick in the first place. Instead of using the PSP’s built-in wireless internet capabilities to access some type of online store to purchase and download PS1 titles, players will only be able to access these downloadable games through their PS3s. Basically, players will use the PlayStation 3 to log into the PlayStation Store to buy and store a small file containing the data for a particular PS1 title. At this point, players have the option of transferring the information over to their PSPs to play the same game where a PlayStation 3 may not be available.

While this does make it very convenient to play classics like Final Fantasy VII anywhere by purchasing only one file from the PlayStation Store, it will initially limit this functionality to only those individuals that are lucky enough to obtain a PlayStation 3 on launch day. This is disappointing news for those looking forward to the service, but are not willing to brave the lines or pay the inflated prices found on Ebay for a PS3 come November.

Source: IGN

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