Website Makes Finding a PS3 Easy


So you’ve missed the initial launch of the PlayStation 3 because you wagered on waiting 24 hours instead of 48 and lost. Units are still out there waiting in warehouses and getting shipped to North America almost daily, but due to their penchant to sporadically appear on store shelves, you just don’t have the time to check all the stores every morning to find a PS3 of your own.

Enter PlayStation Finder to the rescue. For one-time fee of $6.50, the folks there will scour the internet and their other “reliable sources” and send you emails regarding where and when to find the next shipment of PS3s. All this in an attempt to get gamers (and eBay profiteers) a system at MSRP instead of the inflated prices found on many auction sites. Of course, with the way PS3 prices are going on eBay, it seems that you could wait a week and units will actually be going for slightly over their suggested retail price anyway.

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