Websites Launching for Wii Browser

WiiCadeHeader.jpgThough the Opera browser for the Wii is not yet available for download, a few websites are gearing up to cater specifically to traffic that comes via the Nintendo’s newest system.

The first one is SWiiTSPOT. It’s basically a site that has a very centralized theme with large navigation buttons that will be perfect for a Wii remote to hit with little effort on the user’s part. SWiiTSPOT simply feeds in content from other sites and acts as a central place that users can go read the headlines from the latest in news, music, or entertainment without having to navigate around to a bunch of different sites. Although the Wii will have a virtual keyboard that is easier to use than say, the PSP’s text input, inputting URLs of many websites could be a pain, a pain which SWiiTSPOT helps you to alleviate.

The second site that has sprung up with Wii users in mind is WiiCade. This is another hub-type site, but it’s main focus is on flash games that are playable with only the mouse. Obviously since the only method of input on the Wii is the remote, this is a perfect match as players can navigate their browser to WiiCade and have a plethora of new, small flash content at their fingertips.

The only piece of the puzzle that’s missing is the Wii’s browser, which Nintendo has promised to be available sometime within the next few weeks.

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