Weekly Gamer: So, What Are You Playing?


Every Monday from now on, the Weekly Gamer will be here for you to chat with us about what games are currently in your playlist and for us to let you know what we’re playing and give you an idea of what reviews are on the horizon.

To start things off, here’s a partial list of games I’m currently working on. So, guys and gals, what games are you playing right now?

Dragon Age: Origins: Absolutely epic. I wish the writing and voice acting were more consistent in quality, but other than that this is a worthy successor to Baldur’s Gate so far.

Buzz! Quiz World: Takes the foundation of last’s years Quiz TV and builds upon it with user profiles, enhanced presentation and more of just about everything. Quiz show gaming at its finest right here!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: Finished once and am halfway through my second “Crushing” difficulty run of Naughty Dog’s superb action/adventure sequel. It’s a very scripted experience, but it still never gets old. The campaign is so spectacular I haven’t even dabbled with the multiplayer yet!

Borderlands: This is a “role-playing shooter” done right. It’s flawed, but man oh man is it addictive. Oh, and forget all the talk about this being a co-op-first game, playing solo is just as fun.

DJ Hero: Having a hard time with this one. On the one hand, it’s great fun as a Guitar Hero spin-off. But on the other, many of the same songs are recycled for multiple mash-ups and the $120 price tag is incredibly steep. Perhaps too steep…

Trine: The PSN version recently came out at long last, and so far it hasn’t disappointed one bit. Great mix of 2D platforming and physics puzzles with a surprisingly compelling storyline.

Space Invaders Extreme 2: A properly-evolved sequel to one of the all-time best games on the DS. Doesn’t do anything that amazingly new, but did it really need to?

Rabbids Go Home: The Rabbids have broken away from the Rayman franchise, and after a couple hours with this one I’d say it was a smart move. This comedic action/adventure game is fairly simple-minded, but loads of fun to play.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Playing through this on three different platforms at the moment. So far the DS version is decent fun and tops the others. Camera woes and dull brawlin’ have the Wii and PSP versions in a distant second and third, respectively.

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