Welcome to the site, Josh!!!

Well, I figured I’d throw this up before someone else does…so I don’t get any form of ego inflation added to my already tremendously huge head.  I’m Josh.  I’m new to the staff.  However, I’m not new to the video game “journalism” world.  Why did I quote that?  Well, there hasn’t honestly been much in recent memory that strikes me as real journalism.  Anyways, back to the story…

As you may see, I’m one opinionated cookie, and my humble beginnings in the video game world started when I was young enough to get an 8-bit Nintendo.  I got the basic Mario/Duck Hunt cartridge with it, sure…but we were too poor to afford REAL games like Metal Gear and such.  So…my first games to ever play were the following:  Astyanax, Kid Kool, Wall Street Kid, Cabal, and Back to the Future.  I still believe Back to the Future is one of the sweetest games ever made, and I’m waiting for whoever has the rights to put it on the damn Virtual Console already.  After that, I went into the usual addiction like everyone, but my consoles are usually bought at least a year or two after the launch of said console.

About…my God, was it actually 5 years ago?  Well…about 5 years ago, I got an offer from a friend of mine named John Pippen to help start writing for this site called BonusStage.com, a new start-up site with the plan to dominate the world of gaming journalism.  After a few ownership changes and staff additions, I ended up eventually being the Editor-In-Chief and hiring on guys like Matt and Zach who happen to preoccupy themselves with this site now.  Sadly, due to some issues that were out of our control, we had to say farewell to that sweet site.  Luckily, Zach started fresh, and the idea of VGBlogger.com is fresh and nifty!  =D

Other than that…I’ll probably just end up writing all kinds of random news events, babblings about how much crap I love or loathe, and most importantly, I might actually pry myself away from the World of Warcraft long enough to review some other game that is probably inferior is some way (at least…until Warhammer Online launches!).  So, welcome to the staff, me, and I hope you do a great job here at VGBlogger.com.


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