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Let’s start things off right tonight.

In case you were unaware, last night one of our articles made it onto the Digg’s front page (seen here). This is the first time such an event has happened and as a result, we’ve had more unique visits to the site in the past 24 hours than the total number of readers that have visited our site since it began.

So, to all of you new folks, welcome. I hope you like what we provide. The writers here know their stuff, and we’re all very friendly so feel free to join the forums and engage us in some gaming conversation.

Again, welcome!

Zach Lark,
Owner/Operator, VGBlogger.com

About the Author

Having over 25 years of gaming experience, Zach knows a thing or two when it comes to one of his favorite entertainment activities. Additionally, he has also written many articles previewing and reviewing titles which can be found in various places around the net, including VGBlogger.com.