What Did you Play This (New Year’s) Weekend?

carpetguy.gifGood News: I’m back from a small holiday break. Bad News: It’s limited capacity.

Although I did get some gaming in this weekend including trying my hand at Elite Beat Agents, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, World of Warcraft, and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, each game was in small quantities. For most of the weekend my wife and I had our hands full trying to make our mess of a basement organized. Since we moved into this house about two and a half years ago, we’ve pretty much used the basement as a place to simply throw things and “get to later.” I’m sure all of you have a drawer or closet like that, but imagine a space that’s as big as your entire ground floor just filled with knick knacks, some furniture, musical instruments, and of course vintage game consoles. Fortunately it was a long weekend and we were able to take care of the entire basement, making it once more a place where people can enter and not feel like they may never return.

This was all in preparation for the new carpet we’re getting installed on Thursday. Although the workers will be moving large items out of each room for us, the smaller stuff has to go into the basement temporarily. Cleaning the thing before doing this makes it easier for us to put things in left over boxes for a few days until the new carpet is in each room. As a result though, my nights this week will be spent packing and unpacking each room before and after the carpet installation. Fun fun! Hopefully the other writers will jump in here and there and provide you with cool content while I’m preoccupied.

Sorry to bore you with all that. So what did you play this weekend?

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