What Did You Play this Weekend?

Twilight PrincessOkay so you caught me. I forgot to put the feature article up on Monday. 😛

Be that as it may, what did you play this weekend? After I picked up my Wii from Toledo, I basically spent the rest of the weekend getting accommodated to the system itself, playing both Wii Sports and Zelda. Of course, my wife and I love both titles, and she can consistently beat me in Wii Sports bowling.

Additionally I went to Burger King and purchased Sneak King for the 360. Now that I played through the first batch of mission, I can understand why Matt said on our forums that it was the worst game out of the three Burger King titles. Basically you do the same thing over and over. Each mission consists of sneaking up behind people and surprising them with food. You do this time and again, plus having to watch the king do a little flourish dance with each food presentation gets really annoying.

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