What Did You Play This Weekend?

Marvel.jpgThis will be a short entry for me this week. It’s not that I didn’t play any games mind you, on the contrary I played quite a bit while my wife finished her masters thesis. I spent most of my time participating in a closed beta of an upcoming MMORPG. I am under an NDA though, so I need to keep all the information about it secret, I must keep it safe. 😉

On the consoles I was determined to finish up Marvel: Ultimate Alliance because I’ve had it for way too long. It took me the better part of one evening, but I finally completed the thing and sent it on its way back to GameFly. I also pushed Trauma Center: Second Opinion up to the top spot in my queue, so I should be getting some Wii love soon from GameFly in the next coming days.

Other than that, I played some more Twilight Princess and actually went out and played Guitar Hero with some people. I spent some time with Guitar Hero II and I must say that it’s ten times better. I love the co-op, plus Hanger 18 was everything I had hoped for. I also learned that GH2 has the option to delay the sound track to accommodate HD Televisions, therefore lag shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Why didn’t anyone tell me this? I think I’ll still wait for it to hit the 360 though as I just can’t pass up downloadable content.

Well that’s it from me. So what did you play this weekend?

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