What Did You Play This Weekend?

AssaultHeroes.jpgAstonishingly I didn’t get much gaming in at all to tell you the truth. My wife’s parents came to visit, so besides some WoW on Friday night, Saturday was spent cleaning the house, entertaining her parents, and then attending a party for one of Amy’s coworkers who is moving back to Italy.

I did get to play some more Trauma Center: Second Opinion though and I’m a little disappointed at how the game took a hard left turn at the end of the second chapter. It went from setting bones and removing cancer to destroying weird micro organisms given to people from some terrorist organization. Being from Japan, I kind of expected something like this to happen along the way, especially after seeing some creepy looking spirit/monster thing in the opening cut scene. Oh well, it’s still a neat game.

I also tried my hand at the demo of Assault Heroes, an Xbox Live Arcade download that released last week. Out of all of the games that have released on Live Arcade over the past few months, Assault Heroes is actually quite good. It’s a classic scrolling shooter where you’re in control of a dune buggy type vehicle and navigate through each level, shooting enemy units with one of your three weapons and picking up enhancements along the way. You can play the game by yourself or with a friend which is also pretty neat and probably makes some of the more difficult missions easier.

So what did you play this weekend?

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