What Did You Play This Weekend?

Finally! How’s it been?

With the house newly carpeted, office painted, new wiring finished I was finally able to get the internet back up and running last night just before heading off to bed. Everything seems to be in working order, and apart from lugging items back up from the basement, our little remodeling project is complete. With all of the work we did over the weekend though, I was only able to play a little bit of Elite Beat Agents when I had a spare minute or two.

While my wife and I were finishing the house work, I’m sure all of you were busy filling your time with that electronic entertainment we all know and love. So what did you play this weekend?

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’ve posted some before and after pictures below. Just hit the continue reading link to check out the transformation of our office.

This is the office just after getting the new carpet.

Here is the office after we painted and installed a chair rail. It looks much better, but took a heck of a long time.

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