What Did You Play this Weekend?

MarvelUltimateAlliance.jpgWe’re starting a new feature here on VGBlogger called “What Did You Play this Weekend.” Other sites do something similar before the weekend starts, but we all know that plans change and just because you say you’re going to do something (like write a review of Ninety Nine Nights) doesn’t mean you’ll always have time to do it.

Anyway, I played a few interesting titles this weekend, the first being Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. My wife and I had friends spend the weekend with us, so while I wasn’t able to play it for any extended period of time, I was able to get some multiplayer cooperative action going which is always fun. This is actually the third game in a series of hack-n-slash titles by Activision, the previous two being X-Men Legends and its sequel. I picked up the 360 version and the graphics are again much improved over the previous iterations. I especially like the way the achievement system has been factored in and you start gaining small rewards almost immediately upon starting a new game. Maybe I’ll be able to write a review of this in the coming days, but with Gears of War launching mid-week I can’t make any promises.

The other great title I was able to play on Sunday was Leafblower-man 2006. The objective of this game was to blow all of the leaves off the lawn into the street. I only partially completed it after four hours as the front lawn is almost clear, but stage two: the back lawn, is still awaiting my 230mph winds to deliver justice.

So what games occupied your weekend?

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