What Would You Do for a WoW Fix?

In the news of the weird, a post on TaultUnleashed is getting a lot of attention.  After utilizing an “unauthorized Third-Party application,” the powers that be at Blizzard deleted a young man’s account.  He attempted to bribe a Blizzard representative $3000 (via PayPal, of course) to reinstate his account (apparently, he didn’t actually plan on paying the Blizzard rep, but thought the bribe might give him negotiating power).  When that proved fruitless, he threatened suicide.  Several times.  Even after the Blizzard rep said that they “take these sorts of threats seriously.”  He thought that because he had stolen the serial number and bought a game card, there would be no way for Blizzard representatives to track him down.  He was wrong.  Within a few hours, police were knocking on his door, ready to restrain this allegedly suicidal young person. 

All ended well.  The police left.  The account was not reinstated, but never fear, this clever boots already has plans to start a new account.  The only reason he went to so much trouble to get his original account reinstated was that he thought it would be a bother to level up a new character.  Be sure to read the original post.  It’s hysterical.  I would like to mention that this tool is a member of the Alliance (*cough*). 

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