When Role-Playing and Slot Machines Collide, You Get Battle Slots!

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Buried in a week dominated by the Nintendo 3DS, LittleBigPlanet 2, and major announcements involving games like Duke Nukem Forever, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Portal 2 and Killzone 3, came the quiet unveil of an intriguing new game from Phantom EFX.

It’s called Battle Slots, a game billed as an “epic role-playing slot adventure.” Basically what that means is that it is a fantasy RPG combined with slot machines, putting a similar twist on the popular casino game that Infinite Interactive put on the match-3 puzzle genre with the Puzzle Quest series. Here is more information to go on, per the press release.

Battle Slots is a quest-based title that utilizes a slot machine to advance the action and role playing elements through the game world. Take on opponents, complete duels and overcome challenges to level up characters and slot machine attributes. On this journey of exploration, Battle Slots provides gamers with a map of the world, allowing them to choose their own path in order to defeat quests and reveal new spells, devastating attacks, lucrative slot symbols and powerful new enemies. Encountering the unexpected becomes a constant possibility as the journey wages on and players are forced to learn different survival techniques such as hunting, spell casting, and even dragon slaying! With a fully-configurable five-reel slot machine and the ability to create powerful upgrades, players will increase their strength and repertoire of attacks and spells in order to find the cause of this new evil and eliminate it at its source!

Battle Slots features include:

* Earn money and experience in each battle – more experience levels up and strengthens your character, while money allows the purchase of new slot symbols, new powers, new spells and new attacks

* Capture beasts and animals by hunting in the countryside and defeating them in battle – each captured animal provides you with a special power that you can use in future fights!

* Meet and interact with a colorful cast along your journey to investigate this new evil – some characters will become your allies, who can be called upon to aid you in your toughest battles

* Each spin of the slot machine will grant either attack points, mana points, bonus experience or extra gold – configure your slot precisely how you want it to go into each battle with a combination that is sure to leave you victorious!

Sounds pretty neat, no? As long as it’s not totally reliant on luck like real slot machines are, the mishmash concept has potential.

No indication yet as to when Battle Slots is expected to launch, but when it does, it’ll be available for PC (retail and digital download), PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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