Wii Forecast Channel now Available

So my wife and I woke up this morning and she noticed that the slot on my Wii was pulsating blue. This usually means that one of my friends sent me a message and it’s available for me to pick up the next time I turn on my system. So after eating breakfast I booted up my Wii to see what I received and to my surprise it was a message from Nintendo informing me that the Forecast Channel would be active after applying a new update.

I downloaded said update and must say that the channel is pretty slick. First you pick the state and city nearest you, and in my case it was Lansing, MI. After that’s set you are presented with the current temperature and weather conditions for the area. Other menus you can scroll through are the UV index, today’s and tomorrow’s forecast, and the five day extended forecast. Another neat feature is that you can select any city in the world that is available to the service by zooming out from your regional view to a look at the entire globe. You can then grab and spin it to your heart’s content, checking out the weather forecast in major cities on any continent.

Here is some video of the Wii Forecast Channel in action.

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