Wii Injuries…Each Worse Than The Last

I seriously think that Wii injuries are becoming a fad. It seems that the next injury is worse than the last, each person seemingly trying to outdo the other. Case in point, look at this poor wench:

Wii-mote to the face!

This injury was stated to be the results of an inebriated boyfriend getting too vigorous with the remote. How do we know that for sure? With sites now dedicated to “Wii Injuries,” could this be a ruse so that the person can get a feature on this fast-becoming-famous site?

Either way, it’s just not going away; it’s building more popularity for the console, if anything. I’m waiting for a Wii related injures to finally incite riots in the streets, Wii gamers taking to beatings or possibly death to get top honors.

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