Wii-kly VC Update for 04/16/2007

In grand tradition, I’m going to start the Wii-kly VC updates again to keep you all informed of what great classic games are hitting the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii.  This week, we see some brawling, some punching…and some Bonking.

For 500 Wii Points, you can purchase Punch-Out! feat. Mr. Dream.  This 1990 revamp of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! replaced the titular boxing star’s fight in the game with Mr. Dream (thanks, Tyson, for raping a girl and ruining the game we loved!).  You still get to go against all your favorite classic challengers though, like Glass Joe (with a 1-99 record STILL), King Hippo, and possibly my favorite of all time, Bald Bull.

If you wanna cough up 600 Wii Points, then you can clobber some enemies with your noggin in Bonk’s Revenge.  Originally released on the TurboGrafx-16, and featuring some sweet TV spots for the game, you play as Bonk, a caveman-boy-type-kind-of-guy who goes around beating up the baddies by smacking them in the kisser…with his forehead.

And for the big bucks this week, Sega offers up their Genesis version of the popular Virtua Fighter 2 for 800 Wii Points.  Featuring many of the same characters as its arcade counterpart, this version of VF2 is a 2D side-scrolling fighting game.  Therefore, don’t expect that you are picking up the full 3D game that was featured on the Saturn here.

On a more personal note…I’d like to beg and plead out to Nintendo for a moment if you don’t mind:

Nintendo, it’s me, your humble servant…you know, Josh.  Hey, check it.  WHY DID YOU GIVE EUROPE ACTRAISER AND ONLY GIVE US THAT STUPID GENESIS VERSION OF VF2?  GIVE US ACTRAISER!!!  I remember watching that video-game-themed game show where the kids would have the competitions and play Actraiser and then they’d win all the cool Nintendo games while I was stuck buying Kid Kool and Wall Street Kid from the bargain bins.  While those were still quality games, I WANT ACTRAISER!!!  I even saved up money to get Actraiser eventually, and it was friggin’ sweet!  So…screw Europe, give us Actraiser…because there is no us without U.S.!!!

Oh…and throw us some friggin’ Metroid already, and thank you kindly for Kid Icarus.  Piece – Josh

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