Wii Remote Straps being Replaced on the DL

There is your slang dialect for the day…Ha!

…Anyway, as we’ve reported previously here on VGBlogger, people are having problems with preventing their Wii remotes from flying wildly through the air. Sometimes this is due to people not using their wrist straps, but even when they did the straps had a tendency to break in two. Although Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata had stated Thursday that Nintendo would begin investigating the strap issues, it seems that it is already being addressed.

The Wii recently released in Australia and in addition Wii Play was a launch title. To encourage groups of people playing the Wii, Wii Play comes bundled with a controller. It seems those controllers are shipping with a new and improved thicker wrist strap that will be perfect for holding up to the rigors of drunken college students everywhere. Click on the above photo for a more detailed image.

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