Wiiserved! (With Video!)

Weird Hungarian GuyAs you probably know, I’m currently in Toledo for a wedding. That didn’t stop me from heading to the local EB Games to get my hands on a Wii pre-order. Fortunately the system launches on a Sunday, so I shouldn’t have any trouble heading down here to pick it up.

I arrived at the store around 7:30am and was surprised when I didn’t see anyone already camped out. I went ahead and put a chair out by the door to claim the #1 spot and went back to my car to keep warm when not five minutes later another car arrived. Me and the driver looked at each other and both knew that we were there for the same thing, so I jumped out of the car and headed to my seat, where I’d remain for the next 2.5 hours.

Around 8:00am the weirdest thing happened. A sedan drove by blaring opera music with an elderly gentleman inside (pictured above). He stopped his car in front of us and just stared, then exited his vehicle and asked us, “What would have you freezing your asses off waiting for a store to open?” The other customer waiting in line told him about the new Nintendo system. Turns out this guy was from Hungary. Not only that, but he was also very excited that we were having a somewhat interesting conversation, so he went back to his car, brought back some photos, and gave them to us. We soon discovered that most of the pictures were of prostitutes he had….purchased services from and he went on to give us a price range on each. Thankfully he left soon after.

Once the crazy Hungarian left, other customer began lining up behind me and #2. This even included two store employees as the only ones that were allowed to automatically reserve Wii’s today were those that actually opened the store. I’m not sure if this was the case at all EB Games, but at this one if any other employees were interested in picking up a system, they had to wait in line with everyone else.

Around 9:00am the two opening employees came out and informed us that they could only take 11 pre-orders. According to the employees standing in line with us, as of last night they were supposed to have 30+ slots available, however in this morning’s email that number was drastically reduced to only 11. Anyway, over the course of the next hour around eight or nine other people showed up attempting to get a pre-order, but were turn away and left, heading to another video game store.

In total I ended up reserving a Wii, Red Steel, a Classic Controller, and another Wii-mote so that my wife and I can play the Wii Sports games together. Below are a few videos I took of my mini-adventure. The first one is of us standing in line and the second is me detailing my experience. Enjoy!

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